Card 0: The Fool


It all starts with The Fool.

In my version, the Fool is embracing the sun on top of a cliff, with her best friend, her dog, next to her. My Fool is painted abstractly, because this was the second painting I did in the series, and I thought that I wanted to paint abstractly. That’s going to change quickly.

When I painted her, I wanted to capture the exuberance of her. Of her silliness and courageousness in thinking that everything is possible, if you only take the risk.

Her dog symbolizes her instincts. This is an important part of the Fool. Instincts are what makes you act quickly, without thoughts muddling the whole thing.

The dog in the painting has more substance that the Fool herself. She is more gut feelings and action than thoughts. With a big dose of naiveté.

This is how I see the Fool: The whole world is calling her, and she is ready to jump right in.


4 thoughts on “Card 0: The Fool

    • Thank you, Ronda! I’ve realized that writing a little white book to accompany the paintings was too big of a job for me, but I can surely write a paragraph on each card in a blog post! Thank you for the encouragement. 🙂

      • LOL…writing a paragraph blog post IS writing a little white book to go with it!! Blog a paragraph per card – taDAH!!! – first draft. Throw it all together with an introduction, edit and bahBAM…little white book. Look at it this way…it’s gotta be easier than a dissertation, right?

        Am SO jazzed about seeing your artwork!

        Bonne Chance, mon ami 🙂

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