Card 2: The High Priestess


The High Priestess. Pretty much every tarot reader’s favourite card. With good reason!

She symbolizes the unconscious. One of my favourite things. The High Priestess knows all, sees all, and hides a lot of stuff. She knows how to keep a secret.

She’s mysterious and alluring. She holds the key to knowing yourself at a deeper level.

The Magician makes outward things happens, but the High Priestess is responsible for our inner growth.

Her dress turns into the ocean, to symbolize this depth of knowledge into our own unconscious.

How do we listen to her? By listening to our dreams, both when we’re awake and sleeping.

She is our inner voice, our intuition. By listening to her, we honour the fact that we are not mere rational humans, but that we have more depth than we can imagine.

When the High Priestess show up in a reading, it means that it’s time to listen to what we’re really saying, beneath that big loud rational voice. It means we need to peer into the depths and discover what wisdom the High Priestess has waiting for us.

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