The Emperor


Ah, The Emperor. The last card I painted in the Major Arcana. I have issues with him. It’s complicated.

I think the Emperor is a bossy pants. I have a problem with authority, so he always is a warning sign for me.

The Emperor is the Father figure. He is the king of his domain. He likes order and power.

When things are going well, he is a benevolent leader. He is supportive and cheers you on.

But he can also be kind of a power hungry asshole.

Sometimes he comes up to tell me that the client’s relationship is about power struggles. That one partner is perishing while the other is taking up too much room. He also comes up with clients that have issues with authority and/or their fathers.

When he comes up in the advice position, it means that it’s time to be firm and stand up for yourself. That it’s time to get things done.

When he comes up in the warning position, it means to be careful with your power, or to be on the lookout for how you are being treated.

The Emperor can be bossy, but I respect the fact that he knows what he wants and is not scared to do whatever needs to be done to get it.

How do you perceive the Emperor?


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