The Lovers


The Lovers: Love, partnership, choice.

This card is mostly about love. This is the card you want to see when you’re looking at questions of love. My clients are usually looking for this card. Who wouldn’t? Everybody loves love.

I’ve painted my lovers holding hands, but standing tall, separate from each other, not entwined. They are looking ahead, not at each other. Love is about finding someone you want to discover the world with.

I chose to paint my couple as a man and a woman, after a long hesitation. I could have also painted a man and a man, or a woman holding another woman’s hand. Being bisexual, I know how it’s frustrating to not feel include in the imagery. I went with the classic man and woman, but please know that all love is love. No matter the gender.

I have depicted my couple at the ocean, looking at the possibilities that the future has in store. The ocean also, because it takes courage to delve into a relationship. Darkness and all.

As I’ve stated, the Lovers can also mean a good partnership, not necessarily in a romantic way. It can show that things will be running smoothly, falling into place, good communication, fairness.

This card can also be about choice, as the classic tarot card shows a man having to choose between two women.

I love this card. It speaks to me of harmony and peace. I hope that this is what I’ve achieved in my painting.


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