The Chariot


The Chariot: Movement, moving forward, bringing opposites together.

The classic Chariot card shows a chariot with a man steering two horses, one white and one black. The chariot isn’t in movement yet. but it is ready to go.

This card for me means to make sure that everything is okay before you take the next step. To bring everything together. This card is governed by the Cancer sign, so there are emotions involved in the making of the plans.

I chose to paint the horse instead of the chariot, because the horse is the heart and soul. He’s the one that brings the Chariot into movement. The horse is patient, and yet full of vitality.

When the Chariot shows up, it’s a big yes. What you are working on is worthwhile. There is still details to look at, but the voyage will begin soon. You are the one holding the reins.


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