What I’ve learned


Studying tarot and reading tarot are two completely different things.

I started my tarot journey by being interested in the symbolics of tarot: The art, the Jungian archetypes and personality types, numerology, astrology, Kabbalah.

Everything about tarot was a learning experience. I spent hours every day studying the cards. I knew their different meanings, what the numbers meant, what astrological sign affected them, what the flag or flower or arch meant.

And then I started reading for others. And I soon realized what was really important. It’s the link that happens between the client and the reader and the cards. It’s the exchange that is important.

As I am writing about the paintings that I’ve done of the tarot, I’m always torn between the “real”, multifaceted meaning of a card, and then its practical meaning in a tarot reading. Sometimes it’s the same thing, but usually, the practical meaning wins.

Yes, I think it’s very important to study the tarot and its wonderful deep meanings. I also think it’s important to read the cards, to have a relationship with them.

It’s the experience with the cards that makes a difference. From experience, you know what this card has meant in the past, and if it still holds true today. This is where reading tarot becomes an art form.

I’ve learned a lot by studying, but I’m learning just as much from the cards that show up for my clients, and my clients’ reaction to them. It’s a dialogue, always.

Being a good tarot reader means to be a good listener, a listener of the client, but also a listener of that voice inside you that knows what has to be said.

I am a good tarot reader.


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