The Strength card


Inner strength, courage, listening to your instincts.

The classic Strength card is a woman holding a lion’s mouth open, easily, without much strength involved. It signified to quell our animal instincts.

I read it to mean inner strength, yes, but also to work with our instincts. This card comes up in readings when big changes need to be made, or that a difficult situation is waiting for the client. It’s a very peaceful and inner focused card.

It’s about finding the strength within us to face whatever is waiting for us. We usually forget how strong we can be until we need it.

I’m always happy to see the Strength card. It tells me that I underestimate myself, and that yes, I can do it.

It also reminds us to listen to our gut feelings, our instincts. This isn’t about using our head, it’s more about using our heart. It’s about going forward, even without a safety net. It’s about trusting ourselves, even when nobody else believes in us.

Going forward, and trusting the process. You are enough.


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