Justice is about just that: Justice.

When this card shows up, it can mean that you need some self-examination of the situation. What looks right? what seems fair? Are you using logic and self-effacement? Are you being impartial?

The Justice card can also be about balance. A balance between what you want and what you need, or simply to return to a more balanced position of the situation. Sometimes we are so set on one outcome, that we do not think that there could be other ways the situation can develop.

Justice wants us to see with new eyes. With fairness. To ourselves, to others.

If Justice is a person, then you can be sure this person is stoic, fair, with no patience for frivolity. If Justice is a situation, then it can mean that the result will be fair and balanced. This doesn’t mean that the situation will be the outcome that we desire…

Sometimes it is good to remind ourselves that looking at a situation with neutrality can bring us more insights than simply sticking to our opinion.


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