The Hanged Man


Patience, sacrifice, looking from a new angle.

My painting of the Hanged Man depicts a person doing the yoga Tree pose, while having a moment of pure presence. Enlightenment. It means that sometimes we need to give up on our way of seeing things, and letting other perspectives in. It does us good to be silent. Listening to the voice inside us.

The Hanged Man demands patience. When this card shows up, it means you’ll have to wait a while before you get a resolution. You have plenty of time to think about the situation, and see if you’re missing a certain angle.

The Hanged Man can also mean that the situation asks for a sacrifice. What will you have to give up? What will have to change? Are you willing to step into the unknown?

It’s a frustrating card if you’re on a rush to get somewhere. On the other hand, sometimes it’s the well needed break from our tumultuous life that we’ve needed for a long time.

It’s about being still. Stopping. Listening. Introspecting. The calm before the storm.


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