FullSizeRender 2Death is the thirteenth card in the Tarot deck, and can be scary for some people. It has a dark connotation, and it’s something that can be difficult to confront.

Death means that something is ending, that there is no more standstill. Whatever the situation, it will be ending soon or has ended. It is the card that represents the Scorpio sign, in its absolutes and intensity.

Death can mean literal Death, although I have rarely seen it in my readings. It symbolizes the process of something ending, and being replaced by something new. That is why there is sometimes a butterfly on this card, to symbolize transformation.

It is a card of change. Of accepting that what we have worked so hard to achieve is done, be it a relationship, a work situation, or whatever else that has passed. This is not the card you want when looking if the situation has a future.

In my depiction of the Death card, I painted the foreground very dark, to symbolize the pain that comes with letting go. But the white rose, symbol of renewal, is there to greet us when we are ready. The Sun awaits in the background, after we have done the internal work that accompanies the ending of a situation.

It can be a painful card, a wake up call, but usually, it’s a recognition of a situation that has passed or is on its way out. It demands respect, attention, and serious consideration. It is not for the superficial.

Death is something that we all have to face. We can’t ignore it. The best we can do is invite it in, let it stay with us awhile, until we are ready to face what comes next.