The Tower

IMG_6403This does not bode well. The Tower doesn’t mess around. Yikes!

An event outside of yourself is going to hit hard. Or an event inside of yourself will be the wake up call that you need.

I love this card, because it means that things are finally moving. No more stagnation, doubt, waiting. Things are really happening now.

If it is outside yourself, it will be a big shift in your life. Your work, your family, anything that has been seemingly safe is going to change. This could be a very welcomed change if you have been stuck in a stage of life.

Usually though, this card is a personal wake up call.  You’ve neglected part of yourself and now it’s time to pick up the pieces. It’s too late to back up now.

This can be a scary card as we don’t usually like change very much. But it’s also an opportunity to burn it all down and start again. A catharsis. Ready or not, the Tower is there to make sure you get the message.





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