About Johanne

Johanne (pronounced Jo-Ann) Blanchard is a professional tarotist with a masters in religious studies, and is a part-time professor in her field with the University of Moncton in Canada. Johanne is fascinated by the invisible: things that cannot be measured as much as felt, experienced, and shared. She questions who we are and why we are here. These questions are traditionally answered in myth, using symbols & archetypes to express the possibilities.

Johanne believes that tarot offers the same opportunities to delve into our existences—the potential and possiblities of our lives. She has synthesized her educational background, personal experiences, and tarot practice to provide professional readings for others. This webspace was created for her to share her thoughts & intuitions, and give others the opportunity to join her in this exploration.

Johanne lives in Dieppe with her four children, where she offers tarot readings in person, on skype or by email. You can contact her by email at johanneblanchard@yahoo.ca to book your private reading.